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Caitlyn Cade

Pilates Instructor  
      *Small Group
            *Pre + Post Natal 



After teaching and coaching Pilates & Holistic Nutrition in Manhattan for over a decade, my husband and I decided to move to Montclair, with our two young boys, to be in a community that we love, to be near trees (and to finally have a driveway).

A former professional dancer, I studied, choreographed and performed all forms of dance nationally and internationally for over twenty years. The Juilliard School, River North Dance Chicago, BalletMet, OhioBallet, American Dance Festival, Taiwan’s International Dance Festival and the Cuyahoga Valley Youth Ballet were just some of the places I received my dance training. I earned a B.F.A. in Dance from Wright State University. I'm a Certified Pilates Instructor, receiving my Equipment & Mat Certification from The Kane School of Core Integration in New York City. I earned my Pre & Post Natal Pilates Certification and The Center Method for Diastasis Recti Recovery™ Certification (diastisis healing + recovery) from Carolyne Anthony of The Center for Women’s Fitness. I am a Board Certified Holistic Health Coach, graduating from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I received a DONA doula training from Debroah Pascalli Bonaro (creator of Orgasmic Birth) and Community Doula Training from Jill Wodnick. I became a Certified Birth Story Listener from Birthing From Within, Pam England and Virginia Bobro.


While I have a lot of experience working with Pre + Post Natal women, and train     primarily women, I also train couples, actors, Moms + their teens, best friends, brides, wedding parties, neighbors, and the list goes on. 

When I'm not teaching Pilates, you might find me knitting, cooking/baking vegan food, reading books with my kids, or watching any Cleveland sports team play. 


About Me


When (most of us) first learned how to do a sit up (like in elementary school), we weren't taught how to properly do one, and have been doing incorrect abdominal work ever since. Weak abdominals can lead to back pain and/or poor posture and Pilates works to combat that by focusing on abdominal work (your "core"), as well as stretching, strengthening and proper alignment. 

Often, women who have given birth, and men who have done a lot of weightlifting, may experience a diastis (a separation of the rectus abdominus muscles/your "six pack"). Some people might not even know they have a diastisis, as it is unfortunately not always routinely checked post partum or with a typical trainer. Continuing to exercise incorrectly with a separation of your abdominal muscles can cause further damage if not properly checked. It is extremely important to know if your rectus muscle has torn - I always check for this and will work with you to correct the separation.

My teaching style is warm, encouraging, supportive, AND I (lovingly) push my clients when the exercises are challenging. While there are set Pilates exercises, I take an individualized approach. Every person is different and needs different things - so every exercise can be modified to make it more or less challenging depending on your needs.

A typical session is 60 minutes and is in your home/workout space or virtually, via Zoom. 

I'll provide "props" (weights, therabands, mat...). 

We can also use your reformer or tower, if you have one.

Private Pilates Sessions

(one client + one instructor)

Intro pack of 3 Pilates sessions for $250 (for first time clients, only) 

*single session $110

*5 sessions        $525

*10 sessions       $1,000

*20 sessions      $1,900

Semi-Private Sessions

(two clients + one instructor)

Intro pack of 3 semi-private sessions for $110

*single session  $55

*5 sessions        $262

*10 sessions       $500

Small Group

(minimum 3 clients + one instructor)

*one class  $35/per person

All Pilates packages expire one year after purchase.
All intro packs are for first time clients, only..
Gift Certificates are available upon request.

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"OMG, Caitlyn?! She's the best, truest cheerleader I've ever had - to push me through the way my body has resisted movement, power, strength. I love Pilates - and I've worked with a ton of instructors in private and group sessions. Caitlyn will ever be my favorite. She just grooves so seamlessly in the pilates world - offering enthused love and support, to further motivate your desire to keep moving and stay connected to your body. Her intuition IS SO ON. She's confident in her knowledge of our body systems and takes deep care to attend to the holistic body, and emotional connections to where the body needs strength. I learned so much under her tuteledge that I'd never picked up on from previous teachers - ways to stay connected to my body that after more than 3 years, I use daily to recall the connection with my core strength, and my alignment. If you have an opportunity to work with her, you'd be crazy not to. She's a GEM. THE BEST."


"I’ve been working with Caitlyn for 2 years and my body and mind feel better after every session. She knows how to push you in the right way and constantly brings new moves to the session so it always fresh. The ease of working with her and the perfect mix of openness and professionalism make the sessions a must have in my week."


"When I first came to Caitlyn, I worked out a great deal but I was a true Pilates beginner.  Caitlyn carefully listened to my goals and created a program that was specific to me.  Six years later, I'm so thankful for our sessions.  Caitlyn helped me achieve balance in my workout routine.  I now workout much smarter than I did before.  She helped me transform my body.  I can honestly say I'm a stronger and more graceful woman because of Caitlyn."


"I was a Pilates newbie--and a new mom--when I took my first class with Caitlyn several years ago. I was hooked from minute one. Caitlyn's upbeat, you-can-do-this! attitude is infectious. She's precise in her technique and uses terrific analogies to help her students figure out how to refine their own movements. ("Imagine there's a champagne glass on your hip" is one of my favorites.) But far from feeling pressure to do a certain number of reps or to hold my body in a position I'm not yet ready for, I leave every session feeling stronger, more confident--and just plain happier." 


"I took my first ever pilates class with Caitlyn; it was a personal session and it was the beginning of a beautiful thing. Taking pilates with Caitlyn is a pure mind + body experience; she is so knowledgeable about pilates and takes a holistic approach to everything she does. I felt better about my body and my life at the end of every session with her. I was rejuvenated, challenged, and fulfilled. The best part about having Caitlyn as a pilates mentor is that she is more than just that, she ends up being a true friend and confidant. I cannot say enough good things about her and recommend her to anyone and everyone." 


“I’ve been doing pilates with Caitlyn for the last 3 years and throughout this pregnancy I’ve had two weekly private sessions with her to keep me healthy and strong.  With my first pregnancy I unfortunately did not do pilates and the differences in how I feel and look with this second pregnancy cannot even be described in words.  Through regular pilates with Caitlyn this pregnancy has been free of many of the pregnancy issues I dealt with during my first pregnancy.  This time around I have no back pain, a strong pelvic floor so I don’t pee every time I sneeze,  no indigestion, less fatigue and an overall sense of well-being.  Most people can’t even believe I’m 9 months pregnant because I look strong and healthy and have gained a healthy amount of weight.  I will continue to work with Caitlyn even after post-pregnancy because I know first hand how she helped me after my first pregnancy with getting my body back in shape, correcting my poor posture, strengthening my abdominal muscles and overall body.  At 40 years old I am in the best shape of my life.  Thank you Caitlyn!" 

Aunja Leis...

“I like how non judgmental and unconditional Caitlyn is. She is a great cheerleader and catalyst of change.” 


“I started working out with Caitlyn after my second pregnancy.  I came to her with extremely weak abs, floppy belly and a diastasis [a separation of the rectus abdominis muscle into right and left halves] that was four fingers wide.  We started with private sessions where she helped me understand the mechanics of exercising after pregnancy.  I have always been fit and exercised somewhat regularly, but after my first pregnancy my body really needed help.  My independent work outs in the gym were not strengthening my core.  I lived with weak abs after my first pregnancy and all through my second pregnancy, but I did not want to continue it after my second pregnancy.  I knew Caitlyn was the right person for me after my first two private sessions with her.  She had experience dealing with pre and post natal women and understood what diastasis was and how it was impacting my health.  Since then, I have been going to her group Pilates classes two to three times a week.  She always keeps an eye on me even in a class room filled with other exercisers.  She has this amazing ability to keep her eye on all her students,  to modify the exercises and to make the same class challenging or easy based on your ability.  My diastasis is now only one finger wide and my abs are literally coming together!   My belly is flatter and stronger than before.  I would recommend her to anyone who is pregnant or thinking of becoming pregnant.”


"I was in a rut in my life. Caitlyn helped me get un-stuck."


"I have always loved Caitlyn's style, she is one of my all time favorite Pilates instructors. She has the right combination of cheerfulness and encouragement to trick me  into doing more than I thought was possible!! Her energy is pure love!” 


"I had the pleasure of teaching alongside Caitlyn for three years and learned a great deal from her.  She is very perceptive, knowledgeable and experienced, and she gets results.  Whenever I subbed for her, I was always impressed by how grounded her clients were in the core principles of movement no matter their level, strength or issues, Caitlyn having laid a strong foundation for them.  Her classes were tough but never frustrating because you were well prepared.

As as a bonus or most importantly, Caitlyn is sweet, caring, thoughtful and simply a beautiful soul." 




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